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Final Meeting (26 - 30 September 2012 ) 7th project meeting will be hosted by H.U on  26 - 30  September 2012 with 15 participants (3 from AMEM, 2 from each partner). One day 'Valorisation Symposium' will take place at several topics. Responsible partner country will present its own topic. Decision makers in education, parents, staff in education, universities, media almost 100 people will be invited with partners. Other days final report, website, information tool, e-newsletter will be discussed.

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  • Host institution was Europole for 6th meeting between 23-27 March 2012 with 16 participants (3 from AMEM, buy 2 from each partner).
  • Reports on impact of trainings on learners werel be presented by each partner country discussed.
  • Developed training modules were reviewed taken into account draft report of lead partner ESE/IPP.
  • If needed, necessary modifications made by responsible partner country translated into English sent to all partners.
  • Symposium topics will be decided.



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Meeting (Greece)

30 November-03 December 2011 training seminar for trainers will be organized. Project meeting will take place with steering committee members on 3-4 December, pilule 2011 with 8 participants. (2 from AMEM, cure 1 from each partner). Members of Steering Commitee will discuss draft internal monitoring and evaluation report prepared by Europole, ad-hoc steering commitee meeting reports, progress of the project, coordination, evaluation monitoring, further planning revision of project at international level.



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